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"Onwani" facilitates movement around the emirate of Abu Dhabi and contribute to enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors of the Emirate.
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Addressing components

The address in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi consists of the following elements: (Building Number, Street Name, City Name, Area, Postal Code)

Individuals can scan the QR code found on the building’s sign to obtain the location on the map and the direction towards it with the possibility of sharing.

About the Onwani System

Onwani System aims at naming streets and numbering buildings and facilities in Abu Dhabi, in order to facilitate access to any site within the Emirate. This evolving system conforms to global best practices and systems in addressing and spatial guidance. The street names are used to highlight the importance of local culture and heritage, enhance national identity and connect the present generation with the UAE's long history. This address information will be linked and used by all governmental and private service providers in Abu Dhabi.

The Benefits of the Addressing System

Easily collect information about statistical processes or public services

Save time to deliver services and goods and strengthen logistics services

Enhance speed of response to various emergency services

Reduce travel time and preserve the environment

Elevate the performance of planning and business operations

Encourage tourism

How to find your address

- To identify the details of your address please press any location on the map or search for a piece of land.
- You can also search for any location and address using the search entry in the system.


- 26, Al Seray Street, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi 23251