Onwani Click

Onwani Click

OnwaniClick – a simplified, unified address system for the entire Emirate. It has developed the framework and standards for a project that ultimately resulted in the creation of over 200,000 unique addresses throughout the Emirate. As our emirate rapidly expands into a leading global hub, it has become necessary to create a simplified system for instantly finding any location.


Welcome Page


Search for your address
Tap Anywhere on the map to see the Address you are looking for
Also, you can Search for any address


Search for street address
Just type the street name on the search bar to find the Address you are looking for
Searching for POI
Search for a Point of Interest by entering keywords


Search by QR Code
Tap on the QR code icon
Scan the QR code on Street plate or Building plate or upload one from your phone gallery


Geoname Search
Select geoname from the side panel menu
Or from info icon to find description about any street name


You can share your Feedback about any address with just touch of icon
Or share Feedback from the side panel Or press and hold on the desired location


Search for Postal Code
Just type the postal code on the search bar to find postal code location


Using the map
Customize how your map looks by using one of the map themes.
Choose your City to move faster through mapping