MyLand Abu Dhabi

MyLand Abu Dhabi

MyLand application is geospatial platform unifying existing DMT GIS applications services that are open to public users in smart and easy-to-use for web portal and smart mobiles app, catering all three municipalities (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra).

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MyLand is a geospatial platform with geographical
information about Abu Dhabi. In addition to the basic
information, Myland shows Addressing ,Postal Code
information and Community Facilities information.
users will have access to accurate and updated information
to search for a Plot, Street,Postal Code and
Community Facilities among the Emirate of Abu


Search by QR Code
Tap on the QR code icon
Scan the QR Code from the site plan obtained from Abu Dhabi Land Management System. My Land displays the plot on the map along with plot information


ZIP code Search
Select the Search ZipCode icon - from the map and add the zip code to it
Searching for Dev Code
From the main menu, choose the appropriate Devcode browsing options, and you can see the Devcode information for the land when clicking on the desired site


Plot Search
My Land enables you to sear ch for a plot within the three regions of the Emirate, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and
Al Dhafra
The result is quick and all the plot information is available


Search for street address
Just type the street name on the search bar to find the Address you are looking for
Searching for POI
Search for a Point of Interest by entering keywords


Search for your address
Tap Anywhere on the map to see the Address you are looking for
Also, you can Sear ch for any address


Using the map
Customize how your map looks by using one of the map themes
Choose your City to move faster through mapping


Share Feedback from the side panel Or press and hold on the desired location